Let Me Manifest during the NEW MOON For You! - Manifestation Ceremony | Manifestation Session | Manifestation Coach | Law of Assumption |

Let Me Manifest during the NEW MOON For You! - Manifestation Ceremony | Manifestation Session | Manifestation Coach | Law of Assumption |

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Manifest That Shit. Periodt.

This is a session where I affirm and intend and channel for you to manifest that shit during the new moon!! Why the new moon? This is the time to CALL THINGS IN from the universe! New creations are being made, realities are being shifted, it is a transformative time. I will use a variety of techniques - scripting, affirmation rampage, 3x33, visualization - Basically whatever the fuck I feel like is most aligned to making your manifestation appear FASTER.

Thats it. There's nothing that I need from you other than your intention/Manifestation/Affirmation.
This ritual will be completed during the NEW MOON >> so it just depends on when you order and when the next full moon is. I cant rush that shit. I will send you a message when it is done though! :)


▪▪ Some manifestations might need more frequent sessions, such as marriage, a house, large deposits, etc. It just kind of depends on where you are on your "journey" and the clarity of communication of your manifestations.▪▪

SAME DAY ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 10:00 PM (mst). Anything received after that will be performed the next day.
Go to ---> https://etsy.me/3rXqUMG & add this your cart for same day sessions!

Please include your manifestation/intention/affirmation in the personalization box.
This listing is for ONE manifestation. You cannot for example, mix health and money and a dream body and a soulmate all in one session. If I feel that your intention(s) are too varied, I will email you for clarity on ONE main intention.


During this session, I will be doing EVERYTHING I know is successful in creating a new reality.
It is important that you also emit the energy of success and state of having it!

I have a youtube channel where I break down manifestation and make it easy ---->http://bit.ly/TeannaCampbellYoutube
Check it out!

While doing that, here's some shit you can do to get out of your own way ::
>> Be CLEAR about what you are manifesting.
> Talk as if you already have it
> Feel like you already have it
> Avoid dwelling on the past
> Avoid spiraling into doubt, fear, lack, impatience, disbelief, questions, etc
> Don't ask things like "I wonder if it will work?" or " I wonder when it will work?". No no. Be FIRM and affirm that it is done! Nothing else is required!!
>> Affirm EVERYTHING as a sign! Know that it is done!

Manifestation timelines are not linear. The more focus we put on time, the more we focus on the lack of the manifestation. A manifestation isn't failed or not here or not happening! Manifestation is happening at every second of time. So there is no set time frame. It is about staying open and available by believing we have it, that it is done. Circumstances are busy aligning in our favor whether we are aware of it or not. So slow your roll, and enjoy spending time feeling like its done. PURE BLISS!

For this to work THE BEST! It is important to trust me and ASSUME that I know what Im doing, successfully. ASSUME it is working! Believe and trust. No questions.
Go watch my youtube channel and raise your vibration while you stay open to receiving.

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
NO SESSION is an extended guarantee. EVER. You still have free will. When you receive your session, please think of it as a guide to what is likely given the shifts and decisions present, or continued.

Per law requirements --> Please think of all readings for entertainment purposes only. Any information or advice given by the reader is not to be taken as legal, professional or medical advice and should never be substituted for professional advice. No guarantees are offered and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or substitutions.

🖤🖤 PLEASE make sure your order is accurate before you purchase! Because everything is made to order, I do NOT allow cancellations, refunds, exchanges or returns. If you get energy work you get it. Items are made with YOUR energy and intentions, so there's no capability of reusing an item that is made for you. All requests for refunds, cancellations, replacements, exchanges and returns will be DENIED.
So please make sure what you order is what you want!
Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding 🖤🖤

Check out this video about manifestation tools and how to use your item! ---> https://youtu.be/ctFbO-T_1jM
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