LOVE Intuitive Manifestation Coaching Session - Law of Assumption, Manifest a Soulmate, Manifest a Specific Person, Twin Flame, Marriage

LOVE Intuitive Manifestation Coaching Session - Law of Assumption, Manifest a Soulmate, Manifest a Specific Person, Twin Flame, Marriage

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HI! I'm Teanna Campbell. And we about to be bessssst friends!
Cuz, Imma bout to get all up in your business ;)

This listing is for ONE 60-90 minute intuitive manifestation coaching session allllll about that SP or soulmate that you might have, or are calling in.

Listen, all these other beezies out here want to coach you on some formula or method that makes manifestation feel REAL complicated. Or even worse, like you have to follow this specific path and take these specific steps to get what you want. BARF. In real life, our energy manifests. We get back what we put down. The problem is that a lot of our beliefs and thoughts we be putting out, we arent even aware that we are doing it. So that's what we are here to do --> Determine what shifts need to be made on YOUR path. The things a book and structured program can't give you. You need to know where YOU are at, what YOU need to deal with, not just what worked for a few other people. Enter...... ME!!!! I get to tune into your energy and let your higher self tell me what is in the way or needing to be shifted, and we get to


Upon purchase, you will email me with your subject --> What you are manifesting, where you are at with it, what you feel like is blocking you, and ANYTHING else you want to share. As little or as much as you are comfortable with.
When I do your session, I will use the information you give me and dive into your energy using other tools such as tarot and oracle cards and straight up intuition to receive the messages that you need to hear:: Mindset shifts, blocks, techniques, next steps --> ALL OF IT! I will spend a couple hours (yes, hours) listening and taking it all in, and then record a 60-90 minute audio that will be emailed to you.

DUDETTE- this is hella better than any card reading you've ever done before. So keep an open mind.
You get to keep the audio, to listen to over and over again.
And you dont just get the standard "hey, heres the death card. So blah-blah-blah is gonna happen."
No. That is basic as fuck.
And I go EXTRA.

This will be full of intuition, insights, and important information from your god-self/higher power/the universe that will help you make those manifestations REAL.

After purchase, you will email
:: your information
:: along with a photo of yourself
:: and a screenshot of your purchase
to teanna[at}

Within 5 business days I will email you back your very detailed reading & coaching audio.

Easy . Fucking . Peasy .

I cannot cover every manifestation ever in one reading.
For example, if you are wanting coaching about your business and a specific person, you will need to purchase TWO sessions.
If I read your message and determine that there is more than one subject, I will break it down and give you the opportunity to choose what the session is for.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase this product.
NO READING OR COACHING SESSION is a guaranteed road map to life. EVER. From any reader, including me. You still have free will. When you receive your session, please think of it as a guide to what is likely or unlikely given the decisions and shifts presented, or continued.

Per law requirements --> Please think of all readings for entertainment purposes only. Any information or advice given by the reader is not to be taken as legal, professional or medical advice and should never be substituted for professional advice. No guarantees are offered and ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
I do not offer refunds, exchanges, or substitutions.
If you do not use your purchase within 30 (thirty) days from date of purchase, it becomes expired.

No physical item will be sent. You will be sent a file via email.

🖤🖤 PLEASE make sure your order is accurate before you purchase! Because everything is made to order, I do NOT allow cancellations, refunds, exchanges or returns. If you get energy work you get it. Items are made with YOUR energy and intentions, so there's no capability of reusing an item that is made for you. All requests for refunds, cancellations, replacements, exchanges and returns will be DENIED.
So please make sure what you order is what you want!
Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding 🖤🖤

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