MANIFESTATION BRACELET - Lava stone bracelet, crystal bracelet, manifest money, manifest love, manifest success, manifestation crystals

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One (1) manifestation crystal bracelet. This is a manifestation blend made with carefully selected crystals and lava stones to bring in the energies of manifestation and law of attraction. These are fucking PERFECT to use with manifestation oils - simply dab some of the oil on the lava beads, let it soak in, and wear your oil ALL DAY!!!

Red - Lust, luck, courage, determination
Red Swirl - Abundance, peace, balance
Yellow/Orange - Luck, business success, prosperity
Yellow- Health, power, patience, wisdom
Green - prosperity & abundance
Blue - Peace, clarity, psychic power, balance
Blue Swirl - Wisdom, answers, peace, clarity
Turquoise - Self Worth, Calmness, Positive Mental Energy
Pink - Love, romance, affection
Clear Stone - Confidence, Intuition, Aura Cleansing
White - Protection, New Beginnings, Goddess energy
Galaxy - MANIFESTATION, abundance, prosperity, windfall
Black - Absorbs negative energy, Releases limits & blocks

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*Keep out of reach of children and pets*Bottle is not intended to be opened*Wax may chip over time*Each necklace is made by hand and may vary slightly in appearance*As per internet rules I cannot guarantee results

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